Hello world!

After a long, long time….

I’m talking two years in the “short” sense and over TEN YEARS in the grand scheme of things…

Finally. Tomorrow I’ll be releasing my first official single as a solo artist!!!

I can’t exactly explain how that feels because it feels like so many things. I feel happy and relieved to finally get the ball rolling. I feel tired and frustrated (at times) because it took so damn long. I feel excited that I have something to offer those who have been listening since the Making The Band days (lol) as well as the new fans! Those who have been rocking with me for some time will actually probably recognize this first single. I also feel a little…um…afraid. There, I said it. When you put so much into something, you want it to be received well. Anyone who says they don’t care is spewing lies from the pits of hell. I care. And I want this to matter. I understand everything aint for everybody and that perfectly fine. I’m not delusional! But I do want an overall good response, so after all this time, offering the world my baby to be dissected and judged is a little daunting. BUUUUUUTTTTTT, I was built for this, son! And in all honesty, I couldn’t be more ready to let it do what it do!

So tomorrow on 9/4/12, I’m gonna need errrrr’body that gets down with me to download the single, spread the word, share with a friend, post on social media, play it in your car/iPod/mp3 player…whatever!! I just want yall to hear it. And if you like it or love it- it’s icing on this slow baked cake!

See y’all tomorrow, lovers!